Sunday, 31 July 2011

climbing again..

Kalymnos, Greece
At last.. University has finished and I've picked up a whole load of shifts at TCA for the next few months, so I guess that's my summer! Luckly.. cheddar and portland isn't far away which is great for sport climbing, had a really good few weeks down the gorge, and will be sessioning some slightly harder routes this summer in preparation for a month away in innsbruck and kalymnos! Although there are very limited amounts of tufas in cheddar :(

Anyway here are my efforts on Valley of the blind, just after my shift we drove down and it went first go, it was a hard warm up! I'm making a habit of warming up on my projects at the moment.. time to push harder perhaps!

excuse the rubbish quality, canon is taking forever to fix a dead pixel in my 60D so shot on the phone.

..And a couple of photos working the moves


                                              Credits to Archie for the photos!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


So It's really hot outside today, I sent out a load of messages to see if people were up for cheddar today as I fell of the last move of my project on Tuesday with Robbie! I know it will go first time next time, it's just a case of getting there. As i have no wheels (other than my bicycle, which would take far too long and i have no guarantee of a belayer) I decided to whip up a Vegetable bed!

I looked through lots of youtube vids, articles and so on but I soon realized that the logistics would be costly and again, 8 foot planks on the bike just isn't practical!

Anyway, here are my efforts! 

A veg garden made from:
Tomo and Lucy's Wadrobe 
Ikea Cd Rack
Old steps stored at the top of our garden
And a few screws!!

More photos to come as the bodge job progresses.

So far I will be planting beetroot, red lettuce, green lettuce, perpetual spinach and whatever else can grow at this time of the year!

And there is the result :) The spinach is almost full size now. Love it.