Monday, 4 February 2013

Low fat raw vegan lasagna

The raw vegan lasagna. 80/10/10 style!

Start by thinly slicing courgette strips, then marinate them in lemon juice + oregano. Optional: cold pressed olive/flaxseed oil
Spinnach pesto layer:
- Rocket, chives
- Spinnach,
- Courgette

Tomato layer
- Red pepper,
- Sun-dried Tomatos + Fresh Tomatos
- Parsley, rosemary, oregano
- Chopped red onion
Optional extras:
- Sliced mushrooms, Sliced olives

Basil pesto layer
- Basil
- Sesame seeds
- Courgette

Blend each group of ingredients, then drain off the excess water in a nut milk bag to concentrate the flavour. Add the herbs / sesame seeds and onions into each mixture for texture.

- Place down and lap over courgette slices, with each pesto layer
- Add rocket / Tomato slices on the top layer

Cheesy style topping:
- Chopped cauliflower
- Shiitake powder
- Celery powder
- Nutritional yeast flakes

Put all ingredients into a food processor until it turns into a well chopped / powder consistency and sprinkle on top.